About Me

Hey guys, I’m Todd and I’m your typical everyday grillman who really likes to barbecue at home.

I live in California and the weather is pretty great most of the year, which means I can literally kick back with a beer and grill dinner 9 months out of the year if I want to.

I’m currently cooking on my Weber Spirit S210 and it grills like champ. It sits on my deck all year long and is basically my outdoor kitchen. It’s not a massive grill, but we’re a 2 and a half person household (baby is not eating meat… yet) and it is just the right size.

My dream grill is the Weber Summit and it will definitely be my next upgrade when I need the extra surface area.

When I’m grilling, I’m a big fan of pork ribs but my wife loves grilled chicken breast for lunch during the week. This means on Sundays you can always find me in the backyard grilling up at least 5 breasts with one of her favorite rubs along with whatever else we got going for dinner.

I also love a perfectly grilled steak. Nothing beats a medium rare ribeye perfectly seasoned, just salt and pepper, nothing fancy. When I am feeling like lots of steak (at a decent price), I will get the whole ribeye and butcher it in my kitchen. I love the extra thick 1″+ ribeyes that are hard to find at your local supermarket.

This website is my passion project. I’m really into connecting with other at home grill junkies and talk about machines, rubs, marinades and meat cuts. I’m always in search of new tools and grilling tips, so feel free to share your recs!

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