The 10 Best Gas Grills under $300 | Ultimate 2021 Guide

Best Gas Grills Under 300

When I’m grill shopping, I never want to compromise on quality for the sake of price and end up with the easy-bake oven of barbecues.

I also don’t want to massively overspend my budget and explain to my wife why we can’t afford steaks to grill on the shiny new beast out back.

The $300 budget range was when I was sure I was going to have to make some serious sacrifices. But do you know what I found out?

The $300 price point didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy must-have features like great cooking power, long-term durability, or the ability to get a great sear on a steak. All it meant was I wasn’t going to have all the frills of the pricier $1,000 machines that didn’t really factor in to my every day cooking needs.

Final Sear

The Final Sear: The Char-Broil Performance Stainless is my favorite grill in this category. Packing 4 burners with 36K BTUs of cooking power and an impressive 425 sq. inches of cook area, this thing is a beast and built to last. Under $300 makes it a steal.

With a $300 grill you won’t see a built-in rotisserie, 5 burners to cook burgers for an army or a separate searing station. But none of those are features that affect the quality of the cooking or ease of experience.

The bells and whistles can be fun, but they aren’t what make a quality grill.

For $300 you don’t have to sacrifice grilling power, cooking finesse, size, durability or even looks to keep your wallet happy.

The 10 Best Gas Grills Under $300 in 2021

  • Char-Griller E3001 Grillin' Pro
    Product Name
  • 4.1Rating
  • 40,800BTU/hr
  • 438 sq inCooking Area
  • 48 x 28 x 48 inchDimensions
  • $$Price
  • Char-Broil Performance Stainless Steel 4-Burner
    Product Name
  • 4.0Rating
  • 36,000 main burner 10,000 side burnerBTU/hr
  • Cooking Area
  • 50 x 25 x 45Dimensions
  • $$Price
  • Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill
    Product Name
  • 4.5Rating
  • 30,000BTU/hr
  • 360 sq in main area 170 sq in warming rackCooking Area
  • 24.1 x 51.2 x 43.5 inDimensions
  • $$Price

1. Char-Broil Performance Stainless Steel 4-Burner Cart Style Gas Grill

This grill falls just within our $300 budget and man is it a little beauty. Char Broil has made some recent upgrades to this model and in addition to some fun features, you’ll notice lots more stainless steel.

The Char-Broil 463377319 is comfortably sized, offering 425 square inches of primary cooking space, with an additional 150 square inches of swing-away secondary cooking surface area. It’s also powerful, with 36,000 BTUs for the main burners and an extra 10,000 on the lidded stainless steel side-burner.

It also has some real top-level, experience-enhancing specs:

The Performance features rust-resistant porcelain-coated cast iron grates, a favorite for even, consistent cooking. These are paired with four stainless steel top=ported burners made for max durability and precise temperature control for fine-tuning your cook.

Getting the grill fired up is similarly smooth, simply pressing Char-Broil’s electronic ignition system produces just the right amount of heat and power. You don’t need to manually ignite and deal with the unreliability of a poor starter.

Comfortable cooking goes a long way in keeping me in a good mood, especially when I’m grilling in 100+ degree weather (I live in California).
Char-Broil’s sizable metal side shelves provide ample work space to make prep and finishing smooth and hassle-free. My family enjoys the freshness of a barbecued meal and I am constantly using the extra space to hold spices, prep veggies, sauces, baked potatoes, kabobs, you name it. The side shelves really are large enough to accommodate just about anything a serious grill man might need at the ready.

I also really appreciate that the side burner is lidded, so I can prep on top of it when not in use.

Char-Broil’s grease tray is also especially easy to remove and clean. After cooking sessions are done, you don’t have to struggle to clean up and remove grease from the grill – my least favorite task. The smooth, coated tray makes even the most stubborn grease easy to get rid of after dumping.

Like I said earlier, great savings doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of durability. Char-Broil’s exclusively stainless steel lid, handle, and side shelves support the equipment’s long-lasting usability and customers rave about the quality of the construction. I also have to report, these features make the Char-Broil look pretty bad ass and expensive, boosting your grill cred with the neighbors as well as friends and family.

2. Char-Griller E3001 Grillin’ Pro 40,800-BTU Gas Grill

When you’re trying to keep to a budget, the styling of a grill isn’t something you normally get to consider.

The Char-Griller is a top pick for me, not only because it has a great list of key features, but it is also a bad ass looking machine and reminds me of professional smoker-style grills.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not just into it for looks, this grill ranks at the top because it’s powerful, and reasonably spacious for the price tag. The great styling is just a nice bonus to make the neighbors jealous.

TheE3001 Grillin’ Pro offers 40,800 BTUs of total grilling power over a roomy 438 square inches. This is slightly smaller than the Char-Broil in our top spot, but nothing so significant that you’re really going to notice. It also has a 192 square inch warming rack, which is great for toasting buns, and a nice 12,000 BTU side burner, which I like for grilling up some onions for burners or hot dogs.

The construction on the Char-Griller is also a highlight. It’s made of durable steel in a matte black powder coated finish with pop up side shelves for easy prep work. Built to last.

Built-in utensil hooks make it convenient to store just about any tool you need to make grilling easy and efficient when you have a hungry horde of family waiting for a rack of ribs or the next steak.

Porcelain coated cooking grates make for even, consistent sear marks and grilling and the dual stacks on top help maintain a regulated cooking temperature throughout. The electronic ignition system also makes it easy to get the grill up and running at full steam.

Clean up is also pretty low maintenance with a sizable, removable grease tray for drippings. I don’t usually clean mine after each grilling session, and the roominess of this one is great if you prefer to wait, like me.

This is an excellent everyday grill for the backyard enthusiast who doesn’t need a lot of frills, but wants to be able to consistently cook a range of meats for a medium sized gathering of friends and family. It’s also a beast for the price tag!

3. Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner is a consistent performer for the under $300 category delivering 3 burners and a reliable experience worthy of the upper price ranges.

The first thing that jumps out is how much cooking space you get for the price, as well as how much power they’ve packed in. It is the largest grill in our top 3 and you can see how spacious it is just on first glance.

Overall cook power on the 360 is a solid 30,000 BTUs, with 360 square inches of primary cooking space and 3 burners. It also offers 170 square inches of porcelain-coated wire warming rack (perfect for corn or veggie grilling) for over 530 square inches of overall cooking area.

The side tables on this grill are roomy and great for any prep work you need to do and for keeping essential tools while you’re in the grill zone.

The electronic ignition makes grill start up fast and easy, and the stainless steel in-line burners offer top durability for a long grill life.

Like the other two grills in our top 3, the Char-Broil offers porcelain-coated cooking grates for easy clean up and excellent heat retention and transfer. It also comes with porcelain coated steel lid and firebox for increased durability, especially in poor weather months.

This model is also on a solid cart with 6’’ cart-style wheels so you can move it around your backyard or into the garage for storing during winter months. The side tables do not fold down and are stationery, so if you are looking for something that can reduce in size for a more compact space, this isn’t the grill for you.

It is also important to note that this grill has 3 burners, and a new dedicated side burner for 2020. If that is a key must-have on your list, you can also look to the Char-Broil in the top spot on this list for another option.

For maximum value for your budget, this is a solid-performing grill with a great price tag.

4. Char-Broil Performance 300 2-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill

If you loved our top grill pick but aren’t as interested in having so much cook space, and would prefer a lower price tag, then this 2 burner version is a solid contender.

This more compact version of the Char-Broil Performance is a great compact grilling machine that has most of the same features of the larger, 4-burner style. It offers: 24,000 BTUs of total cooking power, 300 square inches of main cook space, a 100 square inch swing-away warming rack, a stainless steel lid, standard electronic ignition for a reliable start-up, and folding metal side shelves for prep work.

The cooking grates are porcelain-coated and easy to clean, while providing even heat transfer to whatever you’re grilling.

We really like this grill if you have less pace to devote to grilling and for the price, it’s impossible to find something that delivers more value.

5. Cuisinart CGG-7400 Full Size Gas Grill, Four-Burner

Cuisinart is known for its small, ubiquitous kitchen appliances and also for its portable, tabletop style grills, but a lesser known product is their more limited selection of full-sized grills that have a solid reputation in the mid-range category.

The CGG-7400 is one of the bigger options on our list for this price range, but it is definitely more bare bones in terms for bells and whistles in exchange. The design is simpler, more streamlined and the main selling point is the fourth burner.

So what can you expect from the 7400 in terms of specs? Overall size is spacious with a 443 square inch primary cooking area with an additional warming rack at 167 square inches. As I mentioned, you’re getting four stainless steel burners at 11,000 BTUs each for a combined 44,000 BTUs of overall power.The cooking grates are a more basic cast iron, no porcelain coating here. Cuisinart also included a twist start ignition and a lid-mounted temperature gauge.

The overall construction is primarily stainless steel with a basic cart design on casters. Two permanent side shelves provide room for prep and storage while cooking.

There’s no added side burner on this model, but Cuisinart is looking out for your best interests and mounted a bottle opener right on the grill.

This is a great option if you’re looking for extra grilling space and more basic features for the $300 and under price point.

6. Weber  Q2200 Lp Gas Grill

This Weber may be little, but it is mighty, which is why it snags a spot on our 10 best list despite being a more compact, single-burner grill.

Weber is known for making the best home grills on the market, and this petite little powerhouse lives up to the name. Features include a single 12,000 BTU stainless steel burner, 280 total square inches of cooking space, porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates, a cast aluminum lid, and an easy-start electronic ignition system. The side tables conveniently fold down and are just big enough to do a little prep work. The Q 2200 also offers an infinite control burner valve and is lightweight and portable.

It can sit either on a table top or you can add on the optional frame to make it a more permanent, stationery grill.

7. Char-Broil Performance TRU-Infrared 3-Burner Cart Style Gas Grill

Char-Broil makes some of our favorite grills in other categories as well as the grill in our #2 spot, so it’s not a surprise to see this 3 burner making this list.

This is a slightly smaller version of the 4 burner we shared earlier and a great option if you just don’t need the extra cook space.

The 463370719 offers 450 square inches of primary cooking area. It is also equipped with 150 square inches of warming rack, for toasting buns or keeping a pile of burgers hot while you finish off some hot dogs. It includes the optional side burner and is outfitted with a lower cabinet to hide the propane tank and provide a little extra storage.

The cooking grates are porcelain-coated cast iron and it comes with a quick and easy electronic ignition system. Overall BTU’s are 44,000 across the three burners, with 10,000 just for the lidded side burner. The infrared technology allows the grill to heat up faster and more evenly (not hot and cold spots) for a better cooking, and eating experience.

Most of the construction is stainless steel so it’s also a good looking piece of backyard equipment designed to withstand the elements and whatever you have in store for it when it comes to grilling.

8. Blackstone 1554 Station-4-burner-Propane Fueled-Restaurant Grade-Professional 36 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

The Blackstone is a totally different style grill from the rest of the options on this list. This is a restaurant grade griddle-style set-up with a massive flat top and cart base. It’s a great option if you regularly feed a big group and also need some versatility.

With this grill station, you’re getting 720 square inches of flat top cook space, perfect for grilling up burgers, a steak or even a stack of pancakes with a side of bacon. 4 adjustable heat zones from the 4 burners allow you to fine tune the grilling experience based on what you’re cooking and over what part of the grill. Total power comes in at 60,000 BTUs.

Additional features include an easy to maneuver cart-style base, electronic push-button ignition, two side shelves with a built-in paper towel holder and a cutting board for prep work.

9. Cuisinart CGG-7400 Propane, Full Size Four-Burner Gas Grill

In this price range, you tend to see consistently smaller sized grills. For those looking for a bigger grill that can accommodate feeding a consistently large group, this 4 burner from Cuisinart, while light on frills, excels in providing the space needed to get the job done.

4 burners deliver a total of 44,000 BTUs across a 443 square inch cooking space, with an extra 167 square inches of warming rack for keeping patties hot and buns toasted.

The cooking grates are heavy duty cast iron (note they are not porcelain coated and will require a little extra cleaning), the lid is stainless steel along with the main control panel. Clean up is pretty easy with a removable grease tray designed to catch drippings.

This model also offers two large side tables for prep and food storage. Heavy duty casters are great for mobility. The overall dimensions mean this grill isn’t great for storing or tucking away off season so we recommend this option if you’re a year round griller and have a dedicated grill space in your yard.

10. Coleman Roadtrip 285 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill

No list is complete without a solid portable grill that can be taken on camping trips or tailgating adventures with friends. I love this Coleman option for being a solid add-on to favorite outdoor events.

Here’s what you can expect from this on-the-go powerhouse: 20,000 BTUs of power and 285 square inches of cooking area, 3 independently adjustable burners, an easily removable grease tray for easy clean up after each use, matchless push-button electronic ignition, and two pop-up side tables so you can prep even when you’re on the move.

Of all the portable grills in this price range, the Coleman is known for being especially reliable and delivering an at home style cooking experience even when you’re camping, at the park or pre-gaming at a favorite sporting event.

These gas grills are the irresistible outdoor cookout partners every serious grill master can turn to during the summer. If, like me, you’re looking to enjoy both affordability and a quality, efficient cooking performance, you’ll find a top-notch grilling machine in this list of best gas grills under 300 dollars.

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