Best Rated Gas Grill of 2021 | Under $500, Under $1000 and Over $1000

You want to know what the best rated gas grill on the market is?

That is tough to say. There are so many styles and price points. Lets break it down into three price categories, under $500, under $1000 and over $1000.

When looking at ratings you could turn to an expert in the grill industry… but they could be biased. I think it is better to look at Amazon. If a grill has hundreds of good reviews you know its a winner. If it has 500+ reviews it is pretty much a no-brainer.

The best under $500 hands down is the Dyna Glo 5-Burner. You probably have never heard of it and it is an offbrand. In this case that is a good thing. You get way more bang for your buck than other well known brands.

With over 330+ good reviews on Amazon you know it is a quality grill.

The best under $1000 is one of my all time favorites the Weber E-330. Your not going to find a grilling machine that is as quality built as this one. But don’t take my word for it…check out the CRAZY 580+ good reviews. There is no other full size grill with more positive reviews.

If your looking for a world class grill and have the budget their is no better than the Napolian P500. Your going to be hard pressed to find a grill that is as feature packed with a full size 6-burner setup. This thing is truly a beast wrapped in stainless steel.

See all the details below on these three highly rated grills:

Top Rated Gas Grill

  • Weber Genesis II S-310
    Product Name
  • 4.5Rating
  • 37,500BTU/hr
  • 513 sq. inCooking Area
  • 29 x 54 x 45 inDimensions
  • $$$Price
  • Dyna-Glo DGE530BSP-D 5-Burner
    Product Name
  • 4.1Rating
  • 62000BTU/hr
  • 708 square-inchCooking Area
  • 53 x 46.8 x 23 inDimensions
  • $$Price
  • Napoleon Prestige 500 Gas Grill
    Product Name
  • 5Rating
  • 90,000BTU/hr
  • 900 sq. inCooking Area
  • 50.25 x 64.25 x 26.25 inDimensions
  • $$$$Price

Under $500 Choice – Dyna Glo 5-Burner Propane Grill

Dyna Glo Propane 5-Burner’s cart is packed with two easy to open doors for convenient cooking. Gas is stored in Dyna Propane 5-Burner’s pull out tank tray. You can have the tank by making another purchase, though. I was willing to buy both Dyna Propane 5-Burner and a tank. After all, nothing beats the convenient way to monitor my grill’s gas on a regular basis. The 5-Burner cooks food in 7mm. stainless steel cooking grates in optimal heat. Meanwhile, the grill’s stainless steel warming rack retains the heat and freshness of my cooked meals. Dyna 5-Burner Propane’s 5 stainless steel heat tents maximize the food warmth retained, moving forward. The grill’s stainless steel structures are situated beside each other. I’ve found that these features make the grill’s operation and handling easy for me all the time.

The grill’s 5 stainless steel commercial grade tube burners offer alternatives for barbequing, too. I get to cook steaks in lower heat temperatures in these burners, as the need to do so arise. Dyna 5-Burner Propane’s side burner is an alternative barbequing space for snacks and light meals. The streamlined temperature reader in the gas grill is the source of correct zone-based temperature measurement.

The two casters locked on one another give you the flexibility of easily moving Dyna Glo 5-Burner Propane from one place to another.  Whenever I feel like taking it easy in cookouts, I grill food in Dyna Propane’s two outermost burners. During those times, I take my time cooking my meals on the grill’s central surface. Rushing to get my cookouts done are never problems for me. I escape to cooking for relaxation, thanks to Dyna Glo 5-Burner Propane Grill.

A great place to buy is Amazon and here is why:

  1. All the reviews are like having hundreds of really good friends give you their personal experience with the grill, then taking all of that personal experience and giving it a star rating. You’re buying quality when there are hundreds of fans of the grill.
  2. A friendly UPS driver will deliver it right to your door. No waiting in line, no hauling it in your car. No sore muscles or achy back the next day.
  3. Amazon has the best price 99% of the time. Amazon constantly watches competitor pricing and makes sure you get the best deal. They do a ton of business and take advantage of economies of scale, which means you get the savings!
  4. FREE shipping. Enough said.
  5. Returns are easy. Amazon recently shipped a car, and they ship a ton of large items, all day, every day. If they can ship a car, rest assured, you will get your grill in perfect condition. BUT if for any reason it comes damaged, it is super easy to return. Just print out a UPS label, slap it on the box and a friendly UPS driver will pick it up, free of charge. This is way easier than waiting in a return line at Home Depot and talking with a bored, angsty teenage sales clerk.
Product Details for Grill Geeks:
  • 5 stainless steel commercial grade straight tube burners (10,000 BTU’s each), 5 stainless steel heat tents, and side burner (12,000 BTU’s)
  • 62,000 TOTAL BTU’s of heat-generating cooking power with electronic ignition and infinite setting control valves power a total of 708 square inches of cooking space
  • 3 pc heavy gauge 7 mm stainless steel cooking grates, stainless steel warming rack, and stainless steel heat tents
  • Full storage cart with two doors for easy access and convenient tank pull-out tray (tank sold separately)
  • Integrated temperature gauge for accurate grill zone temperature measurement

Under $1000 Choice – Weber Genesis II S-310

A best rated gas grill comes in the form of a liquid propane S-330, as well. Weber Genesis is a popular liquid propane gas grill name among Amazon shoppers. In a single area, you’ll find Weber Genesis’ two-in-one barbequing and warming spaces. Weber’s 3 burners will preserve your cooked meal’s freshness and delectability. It fires up really hot at 37,500 BTU. Weber’s elevated operational control panel allows for easy grill handling in all barbeque cookouts. To maximize operational conveniences, Weber’s electronic ignition panels are visibly separated from one another. Weber’s flavorizer bars add delicious tastes to my meat and chicken. I get just the juiciest barbequed foods by just pushing Weber’s buttons!

Weber Genesis has got a cart for convenient on-the-go barbequing experiences. The grill has a 6 tool hook amenity where cooking utensils may be stored. An LP tank may be bought and incorporated into the grill, at the owner’s expense. This means that you, cookout lovers, get to choose however you’d like to barbeque your foods in Weber Genesis grills.

With free shipment, buy a Weber Genesis grill and you get a generous warranty from Amazon. It even received a high score of 4.5 out of 5 ratings. Weber’s two extra stainless steel tables accommodate unexpected additional grilling needs or just fold it to save space. Weber grill creator, George Stephen, is a strong believer of good family bonding moments during meals. Precious backyard barbecues are what inspire Stephen to create only the top excellent gas grills in the market.

Product Details for Grill Geeks:
  • GS4 grilling system includes three high performance stainless steel burners with porcelain enameled Flavorizer Bars
  • New Grease Management system reduces risk of dangerous flare-ups and makes grease removal easy
  • Stainless steel cooking grates provide 513 square inches of cooking space with 156 Square inch tuck-away warming rack overhead
  • Infinity ignition ensures that by turning the knob, the gas will ignite and start each burner with ease, and is backed by a generous warranty

Over $1000 Choice – Napoleon Prestige 500 Gas Grill

Napoleon’s prestigious gas grill cooks or barbeques foods the way you want to, oven- style way. A Napoleon grill’s double-lined top lid makes you feel as if you’re cooking in an oven.  This gas grill stands out running in a propane gas tank. 6 stainless steel burners have always ensured my foods are cooked in time for the holidays and other special occasions. I don’t even have to eat out in restaurants when I get the cravings to do so, after I purchased my own Napoleon gas grill. The infrared burner on Napoleon’s rear end gives my grilled seafood that tasty restaurant dining taste. I also get to sear my steak and chicken in the right amount of heat, thanks to Napoleon’s ceramic side burner.

Napoleon’s jet fire ignition and crossover lights expressly turn on the grill to get hassle-free cookouts started. An anti-insect venturi safeguards the grill’s brass valves to ensure food safety. The drip pan you’ll find in it is detachable, for your convenience. Napoleon grill makers care for users’ health. The knobs connected to the brass valves are ergonomically-made to maximize safety. You can both do direct and indirect barbequing on Napoleon’s burner features, in case you don’t know.

Napoleon’s got a lifetime warranty for Amazon shoppers for a limited time only. This is a fully-functional gas grill, packed with great features. It also has a similar grill but with natural gas fuel, making your every cookout great for the environment as well. It got a high score of 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Product Details for Grill Geeks:
  • Stainless Steel WAVE Cooking Grids
  • Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit included
  • Soft Touch Control Knobs
  • JETFIRE Ignition System
  • Prestige All Season Cookbook and ACCU-PROBE Temperature Gage included

A best rated gas grill is yours for the taking as supplies last. These highly in- demand gas grills let you get your special barbeque cookouts started in no time.

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