The 12 Best Stainless Steel Gas Grills | The Ultimate Guide for 2021

In the neighborhood, you’re known for your grill game. You’re the rib-master, the steak king or the burger boss.

When you’ve earned the title of grill master, you need a grill to match your skills.

Nothing beats the look feel and durability of a stainless steel gas grill. It is what I use (a Weber) and I have had my grill for over 5 years and with a little bit of elbow grease every spring it looks good as new.

When it also looks amazing, I am convinced it makes everything that comes off the grill taste better. I haven’t done a blind taste tester, but you get the point. Stainless steel = quality.

Final Sear

The Final Sear: The Weber Summit S-670 is the top pick for stainless steel. Front and center: you get almost 900 square inches of combined cooking space, burners dedicated to specific functions, like searing, smoking, and rotisserie, and the unbeatable Weber quality and durability. 

The 12 Best Stainless Steel Gas Grills of 2021

  • Char-Broil 463375919 Performance Stainless Steel 4-Burner
    Product Name
  • 4.3Rating
  • 36,000BTU/hr
  • 425 sq. inCooking Area
  • 50.4 x 24.5 x 45 inDimensions
  • $$Price
  • Weber Summit S-670 Gas Grills
    Product Name
  • 4.0Rating
  • 60,800BTU/hr
  • 769 sq inCooking Area
  • 30 x 74 x 57 inDimensions
  • $$$$$Price
  • Weber-Stephen Genesis II S-335 LP Grill
    Product Name
  • 4.7Rating
  • 39,000BTU/hr
  • 513 sq. inCooking Area
  • 59 x 29 x 47 inchesDimensions
  • $$$Price

1. Weber Summit S-670 Stainless-Steel Gas Grills

The Weber Summit 7470001 S-670 Natural-Gas Grill is a beauty. You can’t deny it’s good looks and really, who doesn’t want a killer piece of eye-candy shining on their patio?

You should also know the name Weber as being synonymous with quality and durability. The company is known for designing some of the best gas grills in the market across a range of price points.

With six stainless steel burners, including a side burner, sear station burner, smoker burner, and rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner, you can cook almost anything you would ever want to eat all in one massive unit. It offers a total of 838 square inches and 60,600 BTUs for a powerful experience.

It also comes with Weber’s well-known flavorer bars for capturing the aromatic juices of the meat and two stainless steal workspaces.

The Summit’s body is primarily made up of stainless steel, so it’s especially durable. This grill also boasts an individual ignition system for each separate burner, so you do not have to light the whole thing just to cook one or two small items. You can also adjust the temperature of each burner to suit whatever you’re grilling, whether it’s salmon or a New York strip.

You can either get the Summit as a propane gas grill model or hook it up to your home and run it on natural gas – it also ranks as one of our picks for the best natural gas grills.

While the Weber may empty out your wallet a little more thoroughly than some of the other grills on the market, its durability is a return on the investment.

Hot Features

Hot features of the Weber Summit S-670:
  • 838-square-inch 60,800-BTU gas grill with stainless-steel cooking grates and Flavorizer bars
  • Front-mounted controls; 6 stainless-steel burners; Snap-Jet individual burner ignition system
  • 12,000-BTU side burner; 2 stainless-steel work areas; 2 Grill Out lights; 6 tool hooks
  • Enclosed cart; built-in thermometer; requires a 20-pound LP tank (sold separately)
  • Measures 30 inches long by 74 inches wide by 57 inches high; 5-year limited warranty

2. Char-Broil 463375919 Performance Stainless Steel 4-Burner Cabinet Style Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The Char-Broil is a little powerhouse of a grill and a more wallet-friendly option than the Weber Summit if you don’t need the larger 6 burner set-up and are looking to make the most of your money.

Char-Broil has made some recent upgrades to this model and in addition to some fun features, you’ll notice tons of beautiful stainless steel. It’s a budget friendly model and is a strong pick if you want to enjoy some ease-of-use features but aren’t ready to commit to a premium grill like the Summit.

The Char-Broil 463375919 is comfortably sized, offering 425 square inches of primary cooking space, with an additional 175 square inches of swing-away warming rack for buns or finished meat. It’s also powerful, with 36,000 BTUs for the main burners and an extra 10,000 on the lidded stainless steel side-burner.

The Performance features rust-resistant porcelain-coated cast iron grates, a favorite for even, consistent cooking. These are paired with four stainless steel top-ported burners made for max durability and precise temperature control for fine-tuning your cook.

Char-Broil’s sizable metal side shelves provide ample work space to make prep and finishing smooth and hassle-free. I also really appreciate that the side burner is lidded, so I can prep on top of it when not in use. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have those side shelves packed with tools, sauce bottles, some prepped veggies and probably an open beer to keep me hydrated, every inch counts.

Char-Broil designed the lower compartment to include a double door cabinet style compartment to hide and protect the propane tank while providing a little extra storage space for your grilling essentials.

You’ll also find the usual features you should look for on a mid-range grill like this, including a quick push-button ignition, lid-mounted temperature gauge and an easy to access grease management system.

Like I said earlier, great savings doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of durability. Char-Broil’s exclusively stainless steel lid, handle, cabinet doors, and side shelves support the equipment’s long-lasting usability and users rave about the quality of the construction. I also have to report, these features make the Char-Broil look pretty bad ass and expensive-looking, boosting your grill cred with the neighbors, as well as friends and family.

This is a nicely outfitted grill for a killer price.

3. Weber-Stephen Products  Genesis II S-335 LP Grill

This 3 burner from Weber is not your typical backyard summer grill. This is a top level machine for a grill snob with the quality build and materials you expect from the brand.

For a 3 burner it’s also noteworthy that it’s surprisingly roomy, offering 335 square inches of primary cooking area with an additional fold-away warming rack for toasting buns or keeping veggies warm while you finish up a few steaks. Solid stainless steel rod cooking grates cover the space and provide a consistent, even cooking surface.

The power on the S-335 is also impressive at 39,000 BTUs for the main burners plus an additional 12,000 on that lidded infrared bonus side burner and 9,000 on the dedicated sear station burner. The sear station burner is a great bonus and designed to provide quick, perfect sear marks on whatever meat you’re working with to finish it off.

Like all of Weber’s grills, this one comes with their signature Flavorizer bars to vaporize drippings and infuse the aroma back into the meat, stainless steel burner tubes for optimal gas flow from back to front, and their new Infinity Ignition for consistent, quick start ups.

Weber has also recently revamped their grease management system for the GS4 line-up. Why does this matter? It’s just clean up stuff right? Nope, grease management matters because improper handling can cause flare-ups, which will scorch your meat and provide uneven temps across your cooking surface.

Their new system funnels drippings that don’t end up getting vaporized away into the disposable drip tray in the catch pan. To clean, you literally just pull out the pan, remove the tray, pop a new one in and done. It’s so easy to access and disposal couldn’t be more hassle-free.

Overall construction is just what you would expect from a Weber and this price point: high-quality stainless steel designed to last many, many seasons. The overall hood is solid stainless as well as much of the front fascia. The stainless side tables also provide hooks for tools and the cabinet style offers ample storage down below.

4. Monument Grills 17842 2020

The list of quality grill makers with a reasonable price tag is a short one but it wouldn’t be complete without a little something from the grill bosses over at Monument.

I really love this price point and the 4 burner model is a great option if you’re looking for a new stainless steel grill to show off your skills this season. I think of Monument as the cool, fresh millennial grill hitting the market and livening things up, providing something a little different from it’s contemporaries at Char-Broil and Broil-King.

This model is mid-range for size with 4 stainless steel main burners pumping out 60,000 total BTUs, along with a lidded side burner for sauce prep. The primary cooking space comes in at 513 square inches plus an additional 210 square inches of warming rack and side burner.

The cooking grids are heavy duty porcelain-coated cast iron and angled flame tamers ensure even and consistent heat distribution for a professional and reliable cooking experience. An electronic ignition system delivers easy, no hassle starts.

Monument also included a large lid-mounted thermometer, an easy to clean zinc tray with a removable catch pan for grease and an 8 year warranty on all the burners, which is a pretty sweet guarantee and one of the best in the business for this price point.

The build is just what you’d hope for on an all stainless steel grill. Monument also designed the lower compartment to include a double door cabinet style compartment to hide and protect the propane tank while providing some added storage space.

The twin side shelves are also stainless steel and in addition to the extra burners, include took hooks for your essentials. We grill all the time and I am constantly using the extra space to hold spices, prep veggies, sauces, baked potatoes, kabobs, you name it. The side shelves really are large enough to accommodate just about anything a serious griller might need at the ready and the lids on the burner is a perfect way to make use of space when not being utilized.

A nice bonus feature are the LED lighted chrome knobs which make night grilling a little easier and more fun.

This is a really well-appointed mid-size and mid-price grill with high-quality finishings and top marks for delivering a reliable and professional feeling grilling experience.

5. Napoleon LEX605 Natural Gas

This is a natural gas option from Napoleon and a beautiful stainless steel option if you’re looking for a quality build and high-level grilling experience.

With the Napoleon, you can expect a huge grilling space, coming in at 920 square inches of primary cooking area, with stainless steel wave cooking grids, 6 burners, a crazy 90,500 BTUs of power, a ceramic infrared bottom and rear burner, a range side burner, a quick starting Jetfire ignition system, lighted control knobs,

Some fun features we especially like that you don’t see on most other grills are an integrated ice bucket and a cutting board for easy, quick meal prep while you’re grilling.

6. Weber Summit S-470 Stainless-Steel Propane Grill

It wouldn’t be a top 10 list without at least a couple Weber’s snagging a spot. The Summit S-470 is a beautiful, shiny powerhouse of a grill.

It would have ranked higher on the list, but we like to see a range of price points represented in the top three spots for our category options.

So what can you expect from the Summit? This grill offers 580 square inches of total cooking area, with 110 square inches in just warming rack, 48,800 BTUs of overall power over 4 main burners, Snap-Jet individual burner ignition for quick starts, a ton of extra burners including a sear station burner, side burner, smoker burner and a rear-mounted rotisserie burner.

Grillers using the S-470 will also notice a beautifully designed enclosed double-door cart for storage and hiding the propane tank, stainless side shelves with towel racks and tool hooks, stainless steel cooking grates and Weber’s signature Flavorizer bars.

This is a luxury grill that is more of a shiny outdoor kitchen on wheels.

7. Char-Broil Performance Stainless Steel 4-Burner Cart Style Gas Grill

This grill has one of the more reasonable price tags on our list and man is it a little beauty. Char Broil has made some recent upgrades to this model and in addition to some fun features, you’ll notice lots more stainless steel.

The Char-Broil  is comfortably sized, offering 425 square inches of primary cooking space, with an additional 150 square inches of swing-away secondary cooking surface area. It’s also powerful, with 36,000 BTUs for the main burners and an extra 10,000 on the lidded stainless steel side-burner.

The Performance features rust-resistant porcelain-coated cast iron grates, a favorite for even, consistent cooking. These are paired with four stainless steel top-ported burners made for max durability and precise temperature control for fine-tuning your cook.

Char-Broil’s sizable metal side shelves provide ample work space to make prep and finishing smooth and hassle-free. I also really appreciate that the side burner is lidded, so I can prep on top of it when not in use.

Like I said earlier, great savings doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of durability. Char-Broil’s exclusively stainless steel lid, handle, and side shelves support the equipment’s long-lasting usability and customers rave about the quality of the construction. I also have to report, these features make the Char-Broil look pretty bad ass and expensive, boosting your grill cred with the neighbors as well as friends and f

8. Megamaster 820-0033M Propane Gas Grill

If your stainless steel dream grill list includes portability as a top feature, this compact little powerhouse from Megamaster should be a main contender.

This is a 2 burner model, which is great for the smaller size. Total cooking area is a respectable 200 square inches – just about perfect for a grill you want to be able to tagalong on all your favorite camping, road trip and tailgating adventures.  It also offers 16,000 BTUs of overall power.

The overall design is meant to be durable and long-lasting for life on the road. It’s intended to withstand a bit of a beating with a locking lid, folding legs and stainless steel throughout. The cooking grid is also made of stainless steel and two stainless flame tamers effectively distribute heat evenly across the grate for a consistent cooking experience.

This little Megamaster is a solid all-stainless tabletop option for the adventurous griller looking for a travel buddy.

9. Weber-Stephen Genesis II LX S-240 Liquid Propane Grill

The Weber S-240 is the smallest option on this list but it’s a great pick if you’re looking for a high-quality grill with a slimmer profile for under $1,000.

So what can you expect from the little Weber Genesis II? The S-240 offers 2 burners and 380 square inches of primary cooking space, with an additional 114 inches of foldaway warming rack for tasting buns or keeping your veggies warm. It also includes stainless steel burners and Flavorizer bars, infinity ignition for a quick start, stainless steel cooking grates, a handle light and generously sized side tables with tool hooks.

It also includes that coveted lidded infrared side burner as an extra bonus. I am also a fan of the Weber grease management system, which does a killer job of eliminating flare-ups.

10. Broil King Regal S590 Pro Gas Grill, 5-Burner

The Regal from Broil King is a great choice if you’re looking for a grill with an extra burner but don’t quite need the professional level of the finishings and build offered by the high end beasts from Weber or Napoleon.

I like to think of the Regal as the grill for the everyday, longtime grill man. You’re not a rookie, but you aren’t looking for luxury – you’re here for power, consistency and space.

As I mentioned, the Regal offers five main stainless steel tube burners at 11,000 BTUs each for a combined 55,000 BTUs over 625 square inches of primary cooking area. You’ll also see a lidded 10,000 BTU side burner and a 15,000 BTU rear rotisserie burner.

The cooking grids are all solid 9mm stainless steel that Broil King contends are 56% heavier than comparable grill models for thick, even searing and overall consistent cooking. The Flav-R-Wave cooking system is designed to give you perfect results on steaks and is known for durability.

This model also has fun light up knobs and you’ll see matchless push-button ignition, linear flow valves with 180 degree sensitive-touch control, a lid-mounted temperature gauge and a stainless steel cook box.

There are two permanent side tables with towel racks and took hooks allowing for ample prep space. A double door lower cabinet hides your propane tank and protects it from exposure while also giving you some extra storage room for all your must haves. This grill is also on locking casters so maneuverability is pretty great too.

11. Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef’s Style Stainless Tabletop Grill

I love this little model from Cuisinart. It embodies everything that a tabletop grill should: ease of transport, power and capacity to cook enough food for a small group gathering. It’s also all stainless steel and looks great.

What really stands out about this option is it’s big enough to actually feed a small party and cooks reliably so you don’t feel like your sacrificing quality for a small footprint.

The 306 offers two stainless steel burners with 20,000 BTUs of cook power over a 276 square inch cooking grate. The porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grate conducts heat evenly and reliably across the surface of the grill and a twist-start ignition makes start ups as easy as a big 5 burner grill.

A lid-mounted temperature gauge helps monitor your food and the double-walled steel constructed lid locks in heat for solid retention, even after opening.

Cuisinart also makes an optional standing base that is as slim and compact as the grill itself in case tabletop grilling isn’t your style. This is also a solid pick to take along on tailgates or boat days as it will fit neatly in your trunk and is easy to clean up once you’re done grilling for the day.

12. Dyna-Glo DGE Series Propane Grill, 4 Burner, Stainless

Last but not least is this addition from Dyna-Glo. I’m a fan of the Dyna-Glo grills, always have been. The designers there know what their customers want and continually produce fine looking bbq’s that always punch above their weight.

They always get compared with their more expensive, illustrious rivals, and that isn’t always fair because they will invariably come up second best, but taken on its own this is a fantastic piece of cooking machinery. Fantastic.

The four burners kick out 40,000 BTU’s between them. Throw in the side burner (you already know my feelings on them!) and you have 52,000. That’s not a million miles away from the 6 burner Weber. Its 646 square inches of cooking space is good as well. No its more than good, that is a lot of space and throw in the even cooking those  stainless steel commercial grade straight tube burners provide in conjunction with their infinite setting control valves, you can use every square inch exactly how you want to.

Have I mentioned depth? No? As well an impressive area, the depth the DGE series gives you is impressive. I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve burnt my hand on the warming rack flipping burgers. Not with this, there is plenty of space in there.

Other little features such as the easy pull out gas tray are more pleasing on a mid-price grill than on one where you come to expect such niceties.

If I had to point out a downside, the vent at the back of the hood does prevent this grill getting to the very high temperatures that I know some people do crave, but for normal grilling and cooking, this will not be a problem.

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