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The Ultimate Hamburger Grilling Guide

Think you know everything there is to know about grilling a perfectly juicy hamburger? Or maybe you have no idea how to take your burger from a dry meat puck to Shake Shack delicious. Burgers are a summertime

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Gas vs. Charcoal Grills | The Ultimate Showdown

There is an endless number of articles, forum postings, and full on RANTS debating the merits of gas grills vs. charcoal. But none of them really tackle ALL the different aspects of the debate. So to

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Steak Talk: Best Cuts and the Basics for Grilling

Let’s get serious, anyone can cook up a platter of hot dogs and burgers, but a true grill master should be able to sear and cook a beautiful steak to juicy perfection. But, before that even happens,

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The Ultimate Hot Dog Grilling Guide

When it comes to grilling, there’s one classic meat that I prefer above all others. It’s not juicy ribs, or a perfectly seared tri-tip or even a really expensive rib-eye. It’s a good old fashioned

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